Hermes will host arts and crafts festival.

When the burst of inspiration and exquisite craft encounter, excellent material would in an instant at the hands of craftsmen turned into a piece of art to perfect beauty. Hermes has a 175-year-old craft is about to open on November 1 Hermes Outlet crafts festival in Shanghai Plaza. At the same time, profound interpretation of the essence of the film documentary craft Hermes Handbags "Carpenter ? Heart" (Hearts and Crafts) over the same period will also be screened in order to demystify the way documentary workshop, tells Hermes craftsmen how to complete each product through hands production, lively and informative to show the Hermes brand essence and culture.

Naya Rivera walk through New York with Hermes

The following is a lucky star Naya Rivera in Soho with a sleek, black Hermes Kelly bag. I repeat, this is Naya Rivera, not Kim Kardashian, but the similarity here is amazing. If you tell me that she and K gold share colorist and hermes outlet store makeup artist, I absolutely believe you. Naya is a fashion week in the city, natch, she attended the Michael Kors show Wednesday.

Nene leakes New York with Hermes Outlet and fellow housewives by a meal

Nene leakes by the recently discovered dining Tempranillo (a restaurant is to be outrageous and over the top of the expensive, even by the standards somewhat infamous NYC) with her husband Greg and fellow housewife (New York varieties) Sonja Morgan. Her bag is a bright blue Hermes Birkin, natch. Nene loves her hermes outlet handbags, like all real housewives and "Bravolebrities" - you can do for yourself at our special tribute recognized Bravo announced this week that the surplus actually see inside her "Bravolebrities the bags." under a joint venture will be named after her own clothing line.

Now provides $38,000 Hermes crocodile bag sold on its website

On Friday, some interesting things have been brought to our attention on Twitter - Hermes now has a very special exotic bag for sale on its website. In our memories, hermes handbags outlet and our informants, this is the first time an exotic bag has been so from the infamous narrow brand popularity, as well as double-Sens crocodile Hermes handbag luxury shopping may be inevitable future target.

Kim Kardashian getting custom painted Hermes HAC bag from Kanye West

The site is a grapevine of Kardashian from her fiance Kim Kanye West's Christmas gift cards. Kim Kardashian proudly displayed on Instagram Hermes bags, which seems to be an older Hermes HAC, namely Kanye West painted by the famous artist George apartments, an American contemporary visual artist. Kanye first in the 2010 fantasy artists worked with a series of paintings of George West apartment album My Beautiful Dark Twisted.

Hermes Outlet Official Website, 2014 Toppest Supplier Of Hermes Handbags Up To 88% Off.

January is a tough month. It 's cold , it was dark , you have the whole matter how disappointed Festival going on . If you are a consumer of luxury goods , you also have to face the fact that many brands use the annual price increases after the holiday sneak in a little calm . In the near future, Hermes Outlet is that you need to worry about rising prices , according to the shopping site Mizhattan.

Mizhattan famous get this price , sample sales and other secret Manhattan retail conspiracy , her sources indicate that beginning later this week , Hermes customers can expect an increase in the price all the hermes outlet store anywhere from 6% to 10 sly information % depending on the product category. Her sources say , Hermes handbags will be the worst affected by the higher prices, and this means that we are doing accessories and leather goods will be close to 10% increase in spectrum ends.

The new price level should be fully complete the transition to the end of the month , so if you already have in mind to buy, you might want to hightail it after work tonight to your local Hermes boutique. 10% price increase would mean about an extra $ 1,000 leather Birkins entry-level price tag , and an additional $ 3,800 crocodile bags, Hermes currently sold on its website.

Hermes, of course , is in tip top luxury handbag market , their customers are not price-sensitive , first of all, and many people, the extreme amount of dollars is an important part of the company exclusive temptation . 10% is a pretty heavy lift, but if you are a company , do a turn -away business $ 10,000 handbags, change the price $ 11,000 probably would not make such a big difference to those who buy . There may be a critical point for the price of Hermes Handbags in there somewhere , but I would be surprised if this is it.

Hermes now has one very particular exotic bag for sale on its website

On Friday, some interesting things have been brought to our attention on Twitter - Hermes now has a very special exotic Hermes bags for sale on its website . In our memories , and our informants , this is the first time an exotic bag has been so from the infamous narrow brand popularity , as well as double- Sens crocodile Hermes handbag luxury shopping may be inevitable future target.

Hermes Outlet has an interesting product category on its website called " Surprise ! " With new works , ranging from thrilling to quirky updated regularly. Currently, it consists of a marble horse sculpture, the retail price of over $ 7,000 and crocodile mini saddle , it will cost you more than 20 gauss. The most interesting to us , though, is this simple little reversible bag , covered on one side of one Porosus Mississippi alligator or crocodile , depending on the size of your choice .

Hermes alien beyond the legend, though this bag crocodile version does not completely break the ceiling , making it the most expensive exotic hermes bags outlet on the Internet ( crocodile leather version, which is smaller , will set you back to $ 26,900 to U.S. $ 38,000 crocodile ) , the existence of which sell online , directly from the brand , represents another step in online shopping tentative embrace of luxury goods companies .

Forbes reported that online sales saw a significant spike , but the brick-and- mortar sales lagged this holiday season , the writing may be on the wall, even the most stable of designer brands.

The iconic French design house offers a limited selection of long-term sales of their products on their website , but like Louis Vuitton , Hermes has maintained exclusive pieces off the Internet . Although this may be their online presence bag basic design and results of products "surprise ! " Section generally do not stick around long , Hermes outlet online will provide a piece from its most unique product categories on its website says a lot about our industry direction of development.

ACCAP meets Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party

Hi Peeps! Here's a new update on the developments for our Association of Hermes Outlet & BPO Agents of the Philippines Partylist. Two days ago, ACCAP spokespersons Kevin Carreon and Marge Caparas had a rare opportunity to meet Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party to discuss current issues affecting the lives of 500,000 BPO agents all over the Philippines. For those who do not know, the next most likely Vice-President of the Philippines has the closest affinity to the Hermes Outlet industry among our incumbent legislators. He has been tagged as the "father of the outsourcing industry" in past few years due to his participation in the growth of the industry in the past decade.

Mar RoxasIn the pictures below, Kevin had the unique opportunity to speak to the Liberal party officials present and present our Hermes Outlet agents cause and aspirations to the most likely ruling party for the next 4 years. In the pictures also present were Marge Caparas co-spokesperson of Kevin, Mar Roxas, Jim Paredes head of the Pinoy Power Coalition and Bam Aquino leader of the NoyPower movement.

ACCAP Mar Roxas
Jim Paredes, Marge Caparas, Mar Roxas and Kevin Carreon
Kevin Carreon ACCAP and Liberty Party of the Philippines
Kevin Carreon speaks and Mar Roxas listens
Kevin Carreon, Marge Caparas, ACCAP and Liberty Party of the Philippines
Kevin Carreon, Bam Aquino and Marge Caparas

Please join us in supporting all of our Hermes Outlet agents and BPO employees cause to uplift each other lives through our own Partylist in Congress! Support ACCAP through Facebook and spread the word that we have our own Partylist next elections!

The Korean "English Hermes Outlet" Invasion

I don't know if the post title is even appropriate for the dozens of these recently popular English learning companies that have sprouted like mushrooms. Many are located in Makati, most are now in Ortigas center and some are inconspicuously isolated in locations you'd probably not even guess there would be such businesses like in your next door neighbor's vacant room. It seems these quasi-Hermes Outlets are really doing good in business terms if not there wouldn't be so many out there and so many online teaching jobs available.

Korean English TeachersIt has become a habit of mine to cruise along jobstreet regularly to find out if there are interesting stuff going on in the job market. The curious thing in this week's job openings is that Online English Teacher/Instructor jobs are posted left and right by several different companies. A brief browse of their company profiles reveal most are Korean-owned and/or has Korean ties in one way or the other. So I wondered what on earth could be the reason why so many Koreans are now so eager to learn the native language of Winston Churchill?

I found the answer in the ever reliable threads of the Pinoy Exchange forums. It turns out Koreans, especially kids in school, are require to pass a certain level of English proficiency in order to continue with higher education. At the same time, many Korean professionals are also now seeing the significance of having an edge of spoken English proficiency in their careers and the job market. It does seem that Koreans in general are not fond of learning English at all. However, it is an educational requirement they cannot opt out of.

How Korean "Hermes Outlets" and jobs work?

You have to have a certain level of spoken English proficiency to get a job as an English Instructor. Once hired and trained, you are given a certain roster of "online" students in Korean that you have to spend 30 minutes teaching English to over a video chat program such as Yahoo IM or more popularly Skype. You are given certain English training curriculum books to base and guide your students through several days, weeks months of training. Your "online" student has access to the same books you are teaching them. At the end of every training session, you record your students "grade", monitor and report their progress to your management. Schedules are based in Korean time so most "online English teachers" usually start working as early as 5AM in the Philippines and some work early Korean evenings. Full time jobs are available while they also offer part-time work. In some job postings, salary ranges from 14,000 to as high as 30,000. Not bad if you have the patience and understanding to deal with persons who are naturally "under-literate" in English for 30 minute sessions every day. The non-monetary benefits in this type of job are below par compared against your typical Hermes Outlet since most companies like these are small and recently established. Some do offer medical reimbursements but expectations need to be set that these are not big companies able to offer anything else besides above-average salaries. An online English instructor can typically earn at least 500 pesos a day which is desirable enough if we consider the light work load and relatively less-stressed environment.

Home-based English Instructor work

If you have the hardware, software and stable broadband internet connection at home, you may also try and look at the possibility of doing this type of work at home by yourself. Two of the most popular sites were you can do such thing is and and There are other similar sites and the mechanics of how you get students, how you will teach and how you get paid are different. However, it is essentially the same thing you would be doing if you work for any other Korean-owned English teaching office. The pay is the same depending on your capacity to work as many hours teaching online at home, the number of students you can teach at a given day and also how much pay rate you set for yourself.

As with any other job, this isn't for everybody. You have to possess the understanding and patience to work with students of varying degrees of proficiency. However, working as an online English Instructor presents people with good alternative to BPO work. For those who are typically online all the time at home, this should be a good try. For those who would love to get the same "Hermes Outlet pay" while staying at home, this is a great solution. In my honest opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. :)

Happy New Year From Hermes Outlet

New Year's here and I expect no less of the same. And yes maybe less for the people who can't rid of the old habit of blasting away their hard-earned money into gun-powder smoke and maybe lose a few fingers in the process. I hope everyone reading this entry still have ten digits to scroll the mouse and type on the keyboard.

What to expect in 2010?

Happy New YearThis is election year so expect more than a handful of politicians appealing to your interests. Be wary and choose who you think the country would need this time. In the past we've had a lawyer, a plain housewife, a military man, an actor, an economist and no one of them made any tangible difference that can really be felt by the masses to uplift their lives. In my honest opinion, I think its about time we give a chance to somebody who has really been a walking success story and uplifted himself from the clutches of poverty to become one of the richest man alive in the country today. If this person had the smarts to become a self-made billionaire with his own two hands, then maybe he can use the same to uplift lives. In choosing the next leader, do not be held back by your own political affiliations or inclinations, be smart and choose the person who you really think has proven himself and who you think the country would need in our current situation.

Another banner year  for the outsourcing industry

2010 should be a better year for everyone in the outsourcing industry. 2008 and 2009 were marred by economic uncertainties outside the country. However, in 2010 we should start seeing things pick up better. Expect growth in the Hermes Outlet industry still especially for those who have established recently such as WNS and Wipro. Additionally, we can also expect entries of "small players" in the industry who would cater to "micro-outsourcing" needs of SME abroad. We have already seen some in the country and we can expect a lot more of them in the future.

Ramp-ups in the first quarter of 2010

The resignees of 2009 are in luck because many outsourcing companies are in the hunt for new staff to fill in their need for manpower for this year 2010. Good indicators have been showing up and outsourcing companies have taken queue of this and have started hiring again since mid-December of last year.

The Year of the Golden Tiger

If anything else, 2010's title seems very promising for all of us. Personally, I expect growth in more ways than one. I wish everyone reading this blog a healthy and prosperous new year ahead! The way it turns out will always be in your hands. :)

Merry Christmas from Hermes Outlet!

Wow! It feels like ages again since I last blogged here... but it is for a good reason. As with everyone else, December is a very busy month for me. Holiday errands, occasions to visit, friends to catch up with... the usual drill during the most festive season of the Christian world. What made this doubly busy for me is the fact that we decided to move residence from Alabang to Cainta and we've just finished moving our stuff from the old apartment to our new condo. Now comes the harder part, putting things back in order. So much stuff had been going on behind the scenes and offline since 10 days ago. Let me just keep you abreast with the developments as of late.

ACCAP taking shape

I've been meeting with the leadership of the Assoiciation of Hermes Outlet and BPO Agents of the Philippines and things are just right on track! The spanking new customized website should be up anytime soon. I'm just too excited to get started working with them. On another story with ACCAP, I've been told not everyone in all sectors of the Hermes Outlet industry is that happy to have such group for Hermes Outlet agents. My initial reaction is basically to downplay such notion. Its perfect;y normal and almost human nature to fear what is seemingly unknown. However, I've been working with this group already for a considerable amount of time and I can clearly sense that the people behind accap are all for a noble cause. We still have a lot of work to do and we need help! If you have your facebook account open now, please join our ACCAP facebook page and more importantly please suggest it to all your Hermes Outlet and BPO friends so they may get to find out what good stuff has in store for all of us BPO employees in the years to come.'s growing base of followers

I'm eternally grateful to all of you who have come to visit and loved reading our blog. We're continuously trying and implementing ways we can get in touch with you and keep abreast with major issues for all of us in the outsourcing industry. Over 350 Facebook followers and almost 300 Twitter followers can't be wrong! Hermes aims and is definitely headed to bigger and better things in the future.

Smartbro Wireless Broadband is awesome!

Smartbro Share-it planWe've been Smartbro subscribers for over 2 years and we were saddened to have to discontinue our service since we're moving residence but we had to because our condo village doesn't allow people in the village to have a internet connection antenna. Alas, our condo village is located merely 500 meters away from a Smart tower so we got a new subscription and much better than ever. We now have the share-it plan and we can now have a max of 5 computers in our house hooked up with our Smartbro router! I juat tested our broadband speed and it tops 1.93 Mbps yesterday which was just about right with Smart's promise to deliver a max of 2 Mbps of burstable speed. This thing should be perfect for my desktop and 3 other laptops in the house! :) I would strongly suggest Smartbro Wireless share-it plan for everybody looking to get hooked up at home. The initial cash out of 999 pesos which already included the router is well worth it and approval to get one is easy.

Hermes Outlet Blogger looking for a new job

I'm currently working on to land a cool job at an outsourcing company in Libis. I liked the idea of the job description because it is not too far from what I'm doing right now so please wish me luck and pray that I get this job at Microsourcing! :)

Well... It's hours before Christmas eve and I'd like to greet all of you a very Merry Christmas and I hope you're enjoying your time wherever you chose ( or were forced to :) ) stay tonight. For those who will have to work tonight, my heart goes out to all of you dedicated people. I salute your hard work and sacrifice to work despite the holiday. I wish your company appreciates your noble efforts.

Merry Christmas to all!

Aiming Higher (Part 3): Who is Your Greatest Enemy?

In the past 2 posts for this series, I have dwelled around possible issues and problems as to why the Philippine BPO Industry has been having a shortage of leadership within its workforce. We could all come up with millions of reasons as to why many of us are not excelling in this industry. However, have you ever thought of who your greatest nemesis is? Look at the picture here and who is it pointing at? Yes, your greatest enemy to success is yourself! If you look at it carefully, when we point the finger on other factors that we blame for our misfortune, notice how four fingers are pointing back at us?

Though I don’t want to generalize but everyone goes through a tough stage in their career. Whether you are an agent or a team leader, there will always be something that will knock you down. Unfortunately, in my experience, many people when they get knocked down never ever stand up again. The usual reaction is to just crawl away and hide forever. I’ve known dozens of former co-agents of mine who could have become great leaders in the industry but for some reason hardly any of them ever did.

When I became a trainer, the one thing I always imparted to my trainees was the so-called “80-20” Principle. I emphasized the fact that success in any industry is actually the result of 80% Attitude and only 20% Skills. I’ve seen many hotshot and braggart agents who had impeccable phone handling skills but due to a bad work attitude (tardiness, chronic absence, insubordination, etc) they always end up falling short of their goals. Impressing your superiors to consider you for a promotion is one thing, but flaunting it too much is a sure road to failure. I’m happy to say that 5 of my former trainees are now supervisors and if they keep up the good work, they are on their way to a management career that will set them up for the rest of their lives.

There many factors that will deter us from reaching our goals and even when you become a manager, the obstacles to success actually grow bigger! Life is a never ending maze of problems and solutions. Your ability to pull yourself together and face these challenges head on is a great virtue to have if you really want to get somewhere. Quitting may seem like an easy option every time but somehow you will always live with questions in your mind of “what could have been if you had endured and persevered”. Don’t get me wrong, being promoted in this industry is not that easy. You really have to want it and push yourself all the way to get that coveted promotion.

I can’t deny that sometimes “Lady Luck” may have a hand in some promotions. Think of this; moving up in this industry is kind of like moving up in the movie industry. Sometimes, you get your “big break” faster than you thought possible. Other times, you have to wait it out until you get discovered or some actors even switch companies just to make it. Here’s a piece of advice when it comes to moving to another company; make sure it’s for a higher position! If it’s for something similar to what you have now or lower, then you are selling yourself short! It’s the same as going back to the drawing board and you are better off where you are now.

Ultimately, it is all a matter of patience and continuous improvement. Some people become operation managers in under 3 years while others wait for 5 years. No matter how long, if you really want it, keep that goal in focus. As for continuous improvement, true leaders always acknowledge the fact that each and every day is a learning experience and the roadblocks you encounter are, in fact, opportunities to improve. Many managers forget this essential fact that no matter if you are the CEO of a company or the new manager in an account, there will always be room for improvement. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey to success.

No matter how twisted or difficult if you truly do love being in this industry and want to be someone someday; savor that journey ahead.

Dr. France Jagolino is currently an Operations Manager for TaskUs Integrated Solutions, a California based outsourcing company. He gave up a promising career in Medicine to enter the BPO Industry where he has worked in almost every position from agent to trainer all the way to management. Dr. Jagolino is not only an experienced veteran of the industry but has also worked as a Leadership and Management Training Consultant for Shell and has written numerous articles on leadership, management, business, healthcare, customer service, social media and self-improvement. He is also a former TESDA Instructor for English Proficiency/Hermes Outlet Training and an inspirational speaker who was spoken in leadership motivation seminars in Asia and the Middle East.

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